Lunch & Dinner

Vegan BBQ Black Bean Burgers

Black bean burgers are delicious with OR without a bun. I made this recipe one day while looking through other online recipes and finding complicated ingredients in all of them! I just used what I had in the kitchen available  and they came out beautifully! Very quick, easy, and make a delicious weekday meal. 


1 can black beans, rinsed well 

Handful of chopped cilantro

1-2 jalapeños, minced (optional)

2-3 Tbsp Vegan BBQ sauce (I love Sweet Baby Rays original)

2-3 Tbsp vegan flour

2 slices of bread finely crumbled (I use Ezekial) 

1 Tbsp garlic powder (or 2 fresh garlic cloves minced)

1/2 Tbsp onion powder

Salt & pepper to taste


1) In a medium to large bowl, mash black beans with a fork or whisk until fairly smooth and sticking together.

2) Add in cilantro, jalapeños, BBQ sauce, bread (slowly) and spices until well mashed and sticking together. Add a little more BBQ sauce if you are finding it’s not sticking well. If it’s still not sticking, add bits of flour a 1/2 Tbsp at a time until it’s staying together.

3) Using a round cookie cutter or just the black bean can, place a mound of the mix onto a cookie sheet or clean surface and use the round utensil to create a patty. Flatten it. I find that the smaller and fatter, the better, however. 

4) Heat 2 Tbsp cooking oil in a small flat pan on medium high heat. Pat flour to the outside of each patty and cook them until darkened/browned, about 5 minutes on each side. 

5) After the patties are cooked, add them to your favorite bun or sandwich bread with your choice of toppings; I love spicy mustard, onion, tomato! 

6) Enjoy! 


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