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Vegan Quinoa Greek Salad

This quinoa salad is awesome to keep in the fridge when you're on a healthy streak! Just pull it out for a small snack or a filling meal. It's just a short prep away, the. you have a HUGE vat of it to eat all week long! Plus, it's SO delicious and is even better… Continue reading Vegan Quinoa Greek Salad

Appetizers · Lunch & Dinner

Refreshing Italian Pasta Salad

Sometimes I just crave a good cold pasta. This one is REALLY quick to make and only requires cooking pasta and chopping vegetables! The more colorful the better! This pasta is a perfect recipe for a quick dinner with friends, an awesome BBQ side dish to take along with you this summer or super easy… Continue reading Refreshing Italian Pasta Salad

Appetizers · Lunch & Dinner

Simple, Party-Approved Vegan Taquitos!

We just moved into an apartment and decided to have a housewarming party the second Saturday after we were living here. We really wanted to think of some super easy/cheap snacks to make that would also be delicious to everyone that came, because a lot of our friends are not vegan. Taquitos seemed really easy… Continue reading Simple, Party-Approved Vegan Taquitos!